Learn to Sing a Sacred Song and Embody the Wisdom with Kenemwa of the Yawanawá Tribe.

This is a special two-hour workshop fundraiser for the Yawanawá Tribe, in Acre Brazil.

For thousands of years, Western civilization has been disconnected from the ancient earth-based wisdom that our ancestors carried. 

Much of this sacred knowledge is still carried by indigenous communities despite the atrocities that modern civilization has committed to our indigenous brothers and sisters…

The absence of this wisdom has left western culture misaligned.

Due to this, many of the world's major systems and ways of thinking are not oriented towards truth, harmony, connection with our earth, ourselves, or each other. 

We believe the disconnection has caused deep depression, confusion, anger, and apathy within the collective unconsciousness of a large part of our human family. 

However, today many changes are taking place in our world.

Our collective human trauma is rising to the surface to heal.

To heal we must come together and remember how to re-orient ourselves.

We believe that it is time for us to humble ourselves, unlearn conditioning, and seek to learn from the wisdom keepers who embody and still carry this sacred knowledge.

You are invited to go on this journey with us, as a step towards remembering the ancient knowledge that western civilization has forgotten. 

It is time to reclaim earth-based wisdom and embody this remembrance in our thoughts, words, and actions while living in the right relationship with the indigenous communities of our planet.

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