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For women ready to dismantle self-doubt and rise as healers and leaders

Join women around the world for 4-days where you will receive a daily meditation or exercise that will help you heal internalized patriarchal patterns so you can embody your natural feminine power.

In this challenge you will....

  • Reclaim and deepen your feminine spirituality and connection to Mother Earth.

  • Identify how certain thoughts and beliefs are rooted in patriarchal programing, patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, comparing yourself or feeling “not enough”.

  • Learn a technique to pattern interrupt and heal these beliefs.

  • Take a powerful step towards healing and living in your feminine power and sharing your gifts with the world.

Here are 7 signs that you carry patriarchal wounds that are keeping you stuck

(Note: there are many symptoms, these are just a few. If you relate to even one of these there is a wound in you that desires care)


  1. You judge yourself in the mirror, or really don’t like the way a part of your body looks.
  2. You are afraid to age, to allow your skin to wrinkle because of socialized stigma and the perceived loss of attention, love, and power.
  3. You have embodied more masculine qualities and proven that you can thrive in the western world, but you have turned off your softer “invisible skills” like connecting with your spirit guides, your body, receiving messages and guidance from nature, and having intuitions on where to go next in your life. Because of this you feel a bit stuck and lost.
  4. You embody TOO much feminine energy and lack structure, organization, and struggle with money. It’s likely you have confidence in the spiritual and emotional realms but don't feel valued or even capable in the current material world paradigm. 
  5. You are angry at men and the system for keeping you down.
  6. You compare yourself to other women. 
  7. You feel triggered by other women who express their sensuality and their creative essence freely.